THE TWINS - 12'' Classics And Rare Tracks CD-2

track listing:


01. Ballet Dancer (Latino Dance Mix) 2006
02. Not The Loving Kind (Club Remix) 1991
03. Tonight (Club Mix) 1993
04. Love Is Blind (Club Mix) 1994
05. Twins Mega Mix Plus 2006
06. Time Will Tell (Extended Version) 1987
07. Wheels On Fire (B-Side Of 'Hold On To Your Dreams') 1987
08. The Golden Ring (B-Side Of 'Love In The Dark') 1985
09. Going Through The Motions (B-Side Of 'Time Will Tell) 1987
10. A Little More Alive (Live Version) 1984
11. The Loving Dub 1983
12. The Ballet Rap 1984

Produced by The Twins.

Style: Sinth Pop Year: 2006 Type: Compilation
Label: Passion Factory Records Nr: 999933 Comment: -
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