THE TWINS - 12'' Classics And Rare Tracks CD-1

track listing:


01. The Desert Place (12'' Version)
02. Face To Face - Heart To Heart (Special Dance Mix)
03. I'm Staying Alive (B-Side Of 'Birds And Dogs')
04. Birds And Dogs (12'' Version)
05. Not The Loving Kind (12'' Version)
06. Ballet Dancer (Club Mix)
07. Love System (Re-Recorded Dance Version)
08. The Game Of Chance (Anvil-Club Mix)
09. Deep Within My Heart (12'' Version)
10. Love In The Dark (Special Dance Mix)
11. Facts Of Love (Long Version - B-Side Of 'Love System')
12. I Need You (Heftig Maxi Version)

Produced by The Twins.

Style: Sinth Pop Year: 2006 Type: Compilation
Label: Passion Factory Records Nr: 999933 Comment: -
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