ICE MC - Ice 'n' Green

track listing:


1. It's A Rainy Day 4:14
2. Labba Ling 4:10
3. Take Away The Color 3:28
4. Think About The Way 4:21
5. Look After Nature 3:51
6. Run Fa Cover 4:40
7. Russian Roulette 4:27
8. The Britaican 3:21
9. Dark Night rider 4:13
10. It's A Rainy Day (Happyman Radio Mix) 3:26
11. Funkin' With You 3:28
12. Afrikan Buzz 3:54
13. Think About The Way (Pumped Up Club Mix) 5:54
13. Think About The Way (Noche De Luna Mix) 6:24
13. Think About The Way (Answering Machine Mix) 5:36

Produced by Robyx.
Recorded and Mixed at Casablanca Recordings, Italy. Engineered by F. Alberti. Arranged by Robyx.

The Songs: "Labba Ling", "Look After Nature", "Run Fa Cover", "Russian Roulette", "The Britaican", "Dark Night Rider" Were Recorded at Gallery Studio, Italy and arranged by G. Mingardi - R. Salani - G. Vivaldi


Style: Euro Dance Year: 1994 Type: Album
Label: Polydor Nr: 523 672-2 Comment: -
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