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01. Avalanche Ц Johnny, Johnny Come Home (Extended Mix) 8:40
02. Bananarama Ц Venus (Extended Version) 7:27
03. Yoh-Yo Ц Desire (The Exotic And Erotic Mix) 6:33
04. Stacey Q Ц Two Of Hearts (European Dance Mix) 6:06
05. Karel Fialka Ц Hey Matthew (Extended Remix) 6:55
06. Sandra Ц In The Heat Of The Night (Extended Version) 7:24
07. Secret Service Ц Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More (Extended Dance Mix) 7:47
08. Hazell Dean Ц Always Doesn't Mean Forever (My-Ami Mix) 7:07
09. Mauro Ц Buona Sera Ciao Ciao (Sexy Poser Mix) 7:40
10. Novecento Ц Movin' On (Special Remix) 7:04
11. Bad Boys Blue Ц A World Without You (Michelle) (Remix) 6:20


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Style: Disco, Synth-Pop Year: 2008 Type: Compilation
Label: 4everMUSIC Nr: 064065 Comment: -
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