track listing:


01.Special Touch fet.Rachel Hart - Check It Out 8:13
02.Tom Spencer - Ferrari 5:32
03.Sugar - Like A Roller Coaster 5:45
04.Prime Time - Ocean Of Crime (We're Movin' On) 5:08
05.Prime Time - I Can Get Enough 6:42
06.Prime Time - Somebody Takes Me To Heaven 5:41
07.Sunset - Since You've Gonne Away 5:32
08.Art Of Emotion - A Day A Day 5:32
09.Art Of Emotion - Celebrate 3:42
10.Robert Grace - A Dream 5:15
11.Jessica - Like A Burning Star 5:02
12.Skyhigh - Bomb The Beach 6:46


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Style: Disco Year: 200x Type: Compilation
Label: ESonCD Nr: PROMO 002 Comment: Bootleg
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