1. We Love Rapsody! Vol. 2 - Part 1 36:44
G's Incorporated - Stairway To Heaven
Dee Smoove - Princess Of the Heart
Pas De Deux feat. W.Robinson - Je T'aime
Hip Opera - Love Is Forever
Bounty Killer feat. The Fuggies - Hip-Hopera
Daddy Roach feat. Gimme 5 - Lacrimosa
Warren G & Sissel - Prince Igor
Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Allright
Down Low - Vision Of Life
Rap-Sody Feat. Kevin Ettienne - You Don't Understand Me
Black Attack - Heartless
Coma feat. LTG – Requiem (Of A Junkie's Dream)

2. We Love Rapsody! Vol. 2 - Part 2 22:18
Fade 2 Black feat. Cynthia Hemingway - Streets Of London
Down Low - Murder
LaCross - Save Me (Swanlake)
Down Low - Johnny B.
Down Low - Once Upon Time
Hoodys - Self Control
2-4 Family - Jump
Fetch - Spiderman



We Love Rapsody! Vol.2


Mixed by DJ Voyage.

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Style: Hip-Hop, Pop Rap, Downtempo Year: 2012 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: Mixage Studio Nr: MS.012 Comment: Bootleg
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