01. Major Force Mastermix 14:12
Major Force Feat. DJ Milo Ц Return Of The Original Artform
Major Force Feat. DJ Milo Ц Thumpin
T.P.O. Ц Family Stoned Beat
The Orchids Ц I Will Call You (Instrumental)
Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops Ц Live Wire Voo Doo
Tiny Panx Ц Last Orgy (Instrumental)
Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops Ц Zengun In Action

02. Warp Records Mastermix 13:59
Sweet Exorcist Ц Test 4
Nightmares On Wax Ц Aftermath (LFO Remix)
Forgemasters Ц Shall We
LFO Ц Track 4
LFO Ц Mentok 1
Nightmares On Wax Ц Dextrous
Forgemasters Ц Track With No Name
LFO Ц Probe

03. Creation Records Mastermix 09:54
The Sound Of Shoom Ц I Hate Hate
Hypnotone Ц Dream Beam
Crazy Eddie & Q.Q. Freestyle Ц Nene De Ibiza

04. Gee Street Mastermix 17:15
Queen Latifah Ц Evil That Men Do
Troy Taylor Ц The Way You Move
Jungle Brothers Ц Because I Got It Like That (Ultimatum Mix) Remix Ц Ultimatum
Jungle Brothers Ц Because I Got It Like That (Richie Rich Mix)
Jungle Brothers Ц The Break
Outlaw Posse Ц Cashing Large Cheques
Outlaw Posse Ц Make Da Moov

05. NuGroove Records Mastermix 13:56
Transphonic Ц Get Down
Roqui Ц Lover
Joey Negro Ц Do It, Believe It
Bas Noir Ц I'm Glad You Came To Me
Asia Love Ц You Should Be Here
Open House Ц Keep With The Pace 



Technics Present The 1990 MixMag/Kiss FM Mastermixes


Each track begins with Kiss F.M. station idents before the mixes start. Each track also has two Kiss FM station idents played over the actual mix itself at various points.
Compilation engineered at Kiss FM. Pressed in the UK by Nimbus Records, Cwmbran, Gwent.

Track 1 Mixed by Judge Jules. Track 2 Mixed by Colin Faver. Track 3 Mixed by Danny Rampling.
Track 4 Mixed by Richie Rich. Track 5 Mixed by Tee Harris.

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Style: House, Techno, Downtempo Year: 1990 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: Mixmag Nr: MIXMAG CD1 Comment: -
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