Just Mix Oldschool Anthems



CD 1.1 / 20:05 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Megamix Version)
01.Dr. Baker "Kaos" (intro)
02.MC Miker G "Show'm The Bass"
03.Off Shore "I Can't Take The Power"
04.Technotronic "This Beat Is Technotronic"
05.Red Fox "Waste Your Time"
06.Silicon Dream "Wunderbar"
07.Okay "Okay!"
08.S-Express "Theme From S-Express"
09.Oh Well "Oh Well"
10.Black Box "Strike It Up"
11.Hithouse "Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat"
12.Latino Party "The Megaparty"
13.AB Logic "AB Logic"
14.Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid"
15.Plaza "Yo Yo"
16.Dr. Baker "Kaos" (outro)
mixed by Acetone (4-5; 9-11), Altman (1-3; 6; 14-16), MK-60 (6-8; 12-13)

CD 1.2 / 09:50 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Special Guest Megamix)
01.Culture Beat "No Deeper Meaning"
02.2 Smooth "Move To The Groove"
03.Royal House "I Can't Quite Understand"
04.Hithouse "I've Been Waiting For You Love"
05.Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty "I Can Handle It"
06.Hi Tek 3 feat. MC Shamrock "Come On And Dance"
07.Fax Yourself "Sunshine 89"
mixed by Maglio Nordetti

CD 1.3 / 06:12 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (OldSchool Invader)
01.2 U Hi! "Go' Head"
02.Hi Tek 3 feat. Ya Kid K "Spin That Wheel"
03.Riffi "Acid Gaga"
04.Richie Rich "My DJ (Pump It Up Some)"
05.Fun 4 Fun "Relax Your Soul"
06.M.A.R.R.S. "Pump Up The Volume"
07.Black Kiss "Jump On The Floor"
08.Bomb The Bass "Beat Dis"
09.Queen Latifah "Come Into My House"
10.Clubland "Pump The Sound"
11.MC Miker G "Show'm The Bass"
mixed by Ve'nik

CD 1.4 / 17:20 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Touching The Keys. Highlight Mix)
01.Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita"
02.Technotronic "Rockin' Over The Beat"
03.Clio & Kay "Street Groove"
04.Cappella "Get Out Of My Case"
05.M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy "Don't Stop"
06.Big Fun "Blame It On The Boogie"
07.FPI Project "Risky"
08.AB Logic "The Hitman"
09.Red Fox "Waste Your Time"
10.Afrika Bambaataa "Just Get Up And Dance"
11.J.T. And The Big Family "Foreign Affair"
12.Beats International "Dub Be Good To Me"
mixed by Acetone & MK-60

CD 1.5 / 13:50 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Quiero Rave Mix II)*
01.Techno-Flight 1 "Fuck You"
02.Human Resource "Dominator"
03.ABS "My House Is Your House"
04.Trilithon "Children Of The Future"
05.Interactive "Who Is Elvis"
06.SL2 "DJ's Take Control"
07.Altered Ego "This House Is Cursed"
08.L.A. Style "James Brown Is Dead"
09.Traumatic Stress "Who The Fuck Is James Brown"
10.Misteria "Who Killed JFK"
11.Angel Ice "Je N'aime Que Toi"
12.N-Joi "Mindflux"
mixed by Altman *(special version for Just Mix O.A.)

CD 2.1 / 32:40 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Mix Version)
01.M.A.R.R.S. "Pump Up The Volume"
02.Bomb The Bass "Beat Dis"
03.Black Box "Strike It Up"
04.Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita"
05.FPI Project "Risky"
06.Technotronic "Rockin Over The Beat"
07.Hithouse "Jack To The Sound Of The Underground"
08.Plaza "Yo Yo"
09.AB Logic "AB Logic"
10.Okay "Okay!"
11.Clio & Kay "Street Groove"
12.Cappella "Get Out Of My Case"
13.Red Fox "Waste Your Time"
14.FPI Project "Going Back To My Roots (Rich In Paradise)"
15.Black Kiss "Jump On The Floor"
16.Technotronic "This Beat Is Technotronic"
17.Afrika Bambaataa "Just Get Up And Dance"
18.Bass Bumpers "Can't Stand Still"
mixed by DJ Voyage

CD 2.2 / 08:16 Just Mix Oldschool Anthems (Samples & Effects)
mixed by V2M

CD 2.3 / 04:10 The Altman's Samplebeat Vs. Technotronic "This Beat Is Marilyn Monroe" (Bonus Track)
Produced & mixed by Altman
Additional samples and scratches
produced by Acetone & MK-60 



Just Mix Oldschool Anthems


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Style: House Year: 2009 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: discomixes.ru Nr: DM-UP-CD 003 Comment: Bootleg
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