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Hit Mix '99 CD-1 71:27
Mix Part 1:
01. Culture Beat Ц You Belong
02. Clock Ц Blame It On The Boogie
03. Mousse T. Vs. Hot 'N' Juicy Ц Horny '98
04. Kano Ц Another Life 2000
05. Housedust Ц 1-2-3-4 Jump
06. Faithless Ц God Is A DJ
07. Three Drives On A Vinyl Ц Greece 2000
08. Blank & Jones Ц Flying To The Moon
09. Nachtklang Ц It's A Fine Day

Mix Part 2:
10. All Saints Ц Never Ever
11. Falco Ц Out Of The Dark
12. Nana Ц Too Much Heaven
13. Down Low Ц Once Upon A Time
14. Rappers Against Racism Feat. Trooper - Only You
15. Alex Prince Feat. Mazaya Ц How We Livin'
16. Caught In The Act Ц I Wanna Stay With You Forever
17. Lighthouse Family Ц High
18. Solid HarmoniE Ц To Love Once Again
19. Backstreet Boys Ц All I Have To Give

Hit Mix '99 CD-2 70:39
Mix Part 1:
01. SCYCS Ц Next November
02. Natalie Imbruglia Ц Torn
03. Jennifer Paige Ц Crush
04. Silent Circle Ц Touch In The Night '98
05. MCSC Feat. Stevie B. Ц Dream Girl
06. DJ Tonka Ц She Knows You
07. July Ц Blue Blue Sky
08. The Outhere Brothers Ц I Got Soul
09. Manolo Ц Ride Me

Mix Part 2:
10. State Of Mind Ц Take Control
11. Neja Ц Restless
12. Clueless Ц I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
13. Cheers Ц Believe
14. Madagascar Ц You're Beautiful
15. Sash! Feat. Shannon Ц Move Mania
16. Paul van Dyk Ц For An Angel
17. Highlanders Ц Scotland The Brave
18. DJ Sakin & Friends Ц Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)


Hit Mix '99



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Style: Euro Dance, Trance, Pop Year: 1998 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: ZYX Music Nr: ZYX 81181-2 Comment: -
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