COME BACK DISCO 1 (Classic Disco Nonstop Mix)



Come Back Disco 1 (Classic Disco Nonstop Mix) Set A 32:32
1. Sylvers Ц Come Back Lover, Come Back
2. Dynasty Ц Love In The Fast Lane
3. Who's Who Ц Hypnodance
4. Q Ц The Voice Of Q
5. Claudja Barry Ц Why Must A Girl Like Me
6. Richard T. Bear Ц Sunshine Hotel (Just Walk On In)
7. Dynasty Ц I Don't Wanna Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)
8. Jimmy 'Bo' Horne Ц Spank
9. S.O.S. Band Ц Take Your Time (Do It Right)
10. Stacy Lattisaw Ц Jump To The Beat
11. Maxine Singleton Ц You Can't Run From Love
12. Midnight Star Ц Operator
13. Benelux & Nancy Dee Ц Switch
14. Dan Hartman Ц Relight My Fire

Come Back Disco 1 (Classic Disco Nonstop Mix) Set B 22:00
1. Frantique Ц Getting Serious
2. Suzi Lane Ц Harmony
3. Poussez! Ц Leave That Boy Alone
4. Skyy Ц Call Me
5. Nick Straker Band Ц Straight Ahead
6. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra Ц Love Magic
7. Spinners Ц Working My Way Back To You

Come Back Disco 1 (Classic Disco Nonstop Mix) Set C 24:30
1. Bagarre Ц Dirty Love
2. Janis Ian Ц Fly Too High
3. Carrie Lucas Ц Dance With You
4. Voyage Ц From East To West
5. Earth, Wind & Fire Ц Boogie Wonderland
6. Vicki Sue Robinson Ц Nighttime Fantasy
7. Gonzales Ц Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
8. Sheila & B. Devotion Ц Spacer



Come Back Disco 1 (Classic Disco Nonstop Mix)


Produced, Compiled, Mixed by Igor Altman.

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Style: Disco, Funk Year: 2011 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: Unknown Russian Source Records Nr: URS.012 Comment: Bootleg
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