CLUB 21 - Der Italo Disco Megamix



1. Dos Grindys Discomix

2. Mike Mareen Mix
-Agent Of Liberty
-Love Spy
-Dancing In The Night

3. Italian Megamix

4. Eurobeat
Staws - Never Cansay Goodbye
The Guys - Smaltown Boys
Edyta - ABC
Alan Barry - Gimme Gimme
Ian Lex - Just Over The Time
Magdalena - You Can Do
Krystina - Lonely Hearts
Susy B. - The Great Pretander
Styloo - My Dreams
Joe Yellow - USA

5. MM Mix
Hypnosis - Droid
Koto - Chinese Revenge
Beat Kick - Claro Que Si
Ken Laszlo - Madame
Koto - Visitors
Helen - I Love You
Ken Laszlo - Everybody Is Dancing
Brain Ice - Walking Away
Argentina - Summer Time
Daniel Danieli - Hold Your Horses
Shado - Tonight My Love Is Alive
Alan Ross - Ciao
Angel - Angel
Miss Sego - Infatnuation

6. Dance Chapter One



CLUB 21 - Der Italo Disco Megamix


Mixed, arranged and performed by Italian DJ's.
Mastered and enginneered in Club 21.

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Style: Italo Disco, House Year: 199x Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: Club 21 Nr: - Comment: Compilation, Bootleg
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