ALTMIX VOL.7 - I Feel Much Better Now



Part 1 "Fifteen Minutez Of Beeeeeeet (+8? Mix)"
Micro X - Red Velvet
Acid Ladies - It's The Beat
The Beat Machine - Mr Zigzag
2B Cut - Beatmaster
New Breed - King Of The Show
Fast Money - One $
Pleasure Game - The Red Smile
Twice Of Love - Golden Arms
Red Mike - Peace Of Dreams
LX - Rhythm Party
Vicious Project - Believe

Part 2 "Oriental Traffic (Artedia Flavour Version)"
Nux Nemo - Shangai Market
Danse Macabre - The Spirit Of Bulgaria
Explorers Of The Nile - We Are All Egyptians
Electra - The Future
Basic Two - Face To Mecca
Public Relations - Wakhif
Kings Of Agreppo - Agreppo
Bulgarka - Musica
The B.H.H. With Ardath Bey - Wonder Of Love
Bappi Lahiri - Habiba
Yagmur - Ali Baba
Sons Of Abudhabi - Sheik Ahmed (Al Jafar)
Nux Nemo - The Mysterie

Part 3 "Where Iz The Cat (Force Minor Original Mix)"
Zazoe - Party Time
YZY - Back In USSR Beat
Dr. Zarkhow - Interplanetary Adventures
Ziggy P. - Radio Acid
Ozon - This Is My Body
New Beat Orchestra - Mister Caruzo
Ozon - Ozon, No Time To Waste

Part 4 "Good Night, Children! (N9 Megamix: The Future)"
Number Nine - Dodecadarian
Bubbleguuum - Time Travel
Jean Bruce - I'd Like To Sit
Number Nine - Dead Bodies Ecstasy
Bubbleguuum - Acid Trumpet
Number Nine - Let's Do It
French Theory - Kids In Belgium
French Theory - Lost On The Way To Destelbergen
French Theory - 2006=1989
Jean Bruce - Build The Future



Altmix Volume 7 - I Feel Much Better Now




Mixed by Igor 'Altman'.

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Style: House, New Beat, Acid Year: 2011 Type: Non-Stop Mix
Label: U.R.S. Records Nr: URS.013 Comment: Bootleg
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