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Hity Radia italo4you.Vol.7


Cris Life - Gipsy lady (12'' version) '85
Danny Owens - Hot night in Ibiza (12'' version)
Daydream - Baby baby (dance max-remix) '88
Dee Jay Fifty (The Professor) - Into the groove
Deborah Haslam - They need a war (original extended mix)
Del Wayne - Mama can't you see why-oh (voodoo version)
Desiderata - Heart of glass (12'' version) '88
Dieter Talking - It's haahd se Dieter tuh bie (7'' version)
Digital Toy - Your love tonight (12'' version)
Dodo Dee - Ciao, ciao, ciao (7'' version) '88
Dodo-Dada - Dancin' with the devil (7'' version) '87
Don Luis Y Compania - Viva el amor (maxi version)
Helen - I love you (extended version)


Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (house mix by DJ SASHA MONKEY)
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Bailamos (Jason Willmon Remix)
ERASURE - Always (Mark Roberts Remix)
FUN FACTORY - I Wanna Be With You (Mark Roberts Remix)
LA BOUCHE - Sweet Dreams (Mark Roberts Remix)
LOU BEGA - Mambo No. 5 (Stacy Mier & Mark Roberts Remix)
Mike Platinas - Modern Talking Megamix
N-TRANCE - Stayin' Alive (Will Faircloth Remix)
Patty Ryan feat. Systems in Blue-Should I stay - Should I go
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita ´90 (Uptown Sk´ouse Mix)
SONIQUE - It Feels So Good (Stacy Mier Remix)
THE COUTOURS - Do You Love Me (Bradley D. Hinkle Remix)

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