BUCKS FIZZ - Bucks Fizz

track list:

1. Piece Of The Action
2. Midnight Reservation
3. ItТs Got To Be Love
4. Took It To The Limit
5. One Of Those Nights
6. Making Your Mind Up
7. Lady Of The Night
8. Getting Kinda Lonely
9. Shine On
10. The Right Situation

Bonus tracks:
11. DonТt Stop
12. Always Thinking Of You
13. Noches Sin Tin (One Of Those Nights - Spanish version)
14. Via libre (One Way Love Ц Spanish version)
15. Eso Fue Ayer (Now Those Days Are Gone Ц Spanish version)
16. Otra Noche (Another Night Ц Spanish version)
17. El Mundo De Ilusion (The Land Of Make Believe Ц Spanish version)
18. I Used To Love The Radio
19. Love In A World Gone Mad
20. Heart Of Stone (12Ф version)

Style: Disco Year: 1981 Type: Album
Label: BMG Nr: 82876 621462 Comment: -
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